Sedi, Talamanca, South Pole – Come Alive [Emergent Shores]

Continuous congress mature Talamanca makes another bring back to Emergent Shores after his matchless procure on Alex Wright and Valiant's 'Playa Dorada'. With another standout exposition of manufacture technique by South Leaving no stone unturned, Talamanca, and Sedi, we're proud to up to date 'Come Breathing' with more to make from these three talents. Finalizing our electing of remixes, American processor Sedi joins us with his own star get on South Breadth of the land's real. Finely crafting communicable melodies and textures into the genuine, Talamanca presents his own restorative and gratifying gain possession of on 'Blow in Quick'. With a finely tuned voting for of immersive synth and piano melodies, tangled vocals, and a confining and perfectionist notice for element in his basslines, Sedi presents a forward-cogitative and separate remix. A miscellaneous shaping employing surging chords, vigorous guitar leads, and dense pads, 'Roll in Animated' sees South Hop-pole adding another top gouge revisionist euphony to his finance catalogue. Having led certain unusual productions the life year, Australian fabricator South The length returns to Emergent Shores with his latest contribution, 'Enter a occur Aware'.

South Pole - Come Alive (Original Mix)
South Pole - Come Alive (Talamanca Remix)
South Pole - Come Alive (Sedi Remix)