Sebzy, Three Flows, K.Drowzee, Neutron Soul – We Are Hype 2.0 [Hype DGTL Records]

With the tracks on this diss jumping across all forms of the electronic kind, and okay from The Big Music Engagement and Universal Tranny, this unshackle was designed to clarify, this is who we are, this is why we are here, and this is what we keep to lay bare. This is our damaged compilation issue known as 'We Are HYPE 2.0' with 8 unparalleled tracks from multiple artists either on our name or prevalent to be releasing music later this year, he's a wee drop of what to need.

Neutron Soul - Under The Neon Light (Original Mix)
Sear - New Nostalgia (Original Mix)
Cold Echoes - Time Vortex (Original Mix)
Ozzy - Party World (Original Mix)
K.Drowzee - Trapness Madness (Original Mix)
Three Flows - Attitude (Original Mix)
Cold Echoes - Lullaby (Original Mix)
Sebzy - Skabana Da Funk (Original Mix)