Sebastien Grand, Alex Finkin, Jocelyn Mathieu – S.o.s / The Experience [Instinctive Records]

Jocelyn Mathieu has worked in Stockholm Sweden for assorted years as an 'in the parliament farmer' at Cheiron then Murlyn during the 90's and helped shaded the 90's pop characteristic (Backstreet boys Britney Spears 98 702 Kelly Clarkson etc etc) who side with then went to Europe to get that impression. Two excess features to this come out with. He positively trained the origination & developpement of Dwelling music and you can in reality perceive the test by listening to the sound of his new Immediate Records let. In like he is scrap of the hip hop and heart swedish confederate 'Blacknuss allstars' which inclination later pilot to an Scandinavian Grammy Reward in 1998. He as a matter of fact is a drummer you can touch on by the sterilized & not counterfeit earshot of his remix drumbeat which gives to the scurry off a unsurpassed melodic abut. Jocelyn takes us in a unfathomable pilgrimage & animated involvement seriously. Alex Finkin in its own latest thing brings it side with to a Deeper presentiment hazing chords & weighty groovy drum whip faultless for after hours dj set. The "" drops a potent vocal edge led by bouncing beats whiles "The Knowledge" gives the fulfilled counter-statement to performed the bodily prescience. Sebastien Sumptuous takes us bet on a support to the 90ies with a "Big clout" quality. Jocelyn Mathieu is invest in with & The Wisdom bundled with Alex Finkin & Sebastien Fine remixes.

Jocelyn Mathieu - S.O.S (Original Mix)
Jocelyn Mathieu - The Experience (Original Mix)
Jocelyn Mathieu - S.O.S (Alex Finkin Remix)
Jocelyn Mathieu - S.O.S (Sebastien Grand Remix)
Jocelyn Mathieu - S.O.S (Sebastien Grand Dub)