Sebastian Zond, Gonroga – Yo Gonroga [GonRoGa]

For our 2nd release, we our proud to present to you Gonroga and Sebastian Zond.
These 2 artists are from the techno city of Colombia : Medellin.

On this Ep you will be transport into the gonroga mind.
Made of organic and sweet sounds the trip is ahead !
From electronica to techno this Ep will transport you deep in the inner you !
Slow and and highly groovy, you've just dive into the Gonroga style !

All original tracks by Gonroga and one remix from Sebastian Zond.

All track mastered by:

Gonroga - Yo Gonroga (Original Mix)
Gonroga - Yo Gonroga (Sebastian Zond Remix)
Gonroga - Yo Gonroga (Tech Edit Mix)