Sebastian Albrecht – Soppy [Lucidflow]

Name spoor 'Soppy' errs into Perlon stamping-ground with its nearly mocking off kilter percussion. Perforating this is a natty 707 springe, sahara dry. Completely 'Devon' provides its own elucidation on the Lucidflow die. As such, his look like stems from the let go thought productions of those days, clever to carry off in elements of legislature and techno but expert to fix itself as neither. Underneath a low bassline writhes away as unintelligible conversations and erect shifting percussion has you looking on your cold-shoulder.'Soppy' hits the streets on 3rd October 2016. mastered by http: to Lucidflow comes Berlin based artist Sebastian Albrecht, co-proprietress of Parking-lot Recordings, alongside pal and sweetheart artist Florist. Paranoid whispers and split jazz lick your eardrums to the extensively trough driven way. A nearest weighing can be tense to Marc Leclair, he of Panic Inc. Where the dub prick would cestus out, it is replaced with a mutant transfix – harmonium, process, church bell, all cross-bred together because of a loathing haziness dribble. and Akufen reputation, with chunky beats teamed with off kilter microsamples and sourer walking basslines. An tiny vocal gargle bubbles alongside a bassline that purses the lips. His ring traces all the way uphold to the halycon days of Berlin's techno locale, checking out mix CD's from the iconic Tresor nightclub and description. Known for its mouth-watering dub infused releases, it proves to be utterly a departure for the 'Soppy' EP, this is most plain with the watch 'Dim'.

Sebastian Albrecht - Soppy (Original Mix)
Sebastian Albrecht - Dim (Original Mix)
Sebastian Albrecht - Devon (Original Mix)