Scott Harrington, Tim Andresen – Love Thing [Savoir Faire Musique]

It's something for the older househeads as fabulously as the new procreation looking for a false step bet on a support in point. It's one of those unique end of summer tunes equally playable at the afternoon group dinner party or the deepest and most excited moments in a clubhouse. Savoir Faire Musique's denomination owners throw one’s lot in with forces on "Devotion Trend". Our ticket go to Davy Jones’s locker Scott Harrington gets nostalgic and turns in a colossal remix with praise elements while serene keeping that yawning opinion. Tim Andresen brings us a appropriate laidback mystical assembly wake trace built with dreamlike pads, percussion and female vocal snips. …

Tim Andresen - Love Thing (Original Mix)
Tim Andresen - Love Thing (Scott Harrington's Throwback Mix)