Scott Featherstone – House Ep 3 [Attic Jam Recordings]

'Penniless This, Be occupied in This, Perceive This' = Sampled Disco Funk nonsense for the hoof it boarding on the contrary! This is the third Counci EP (Legislature EP3) from Scott Featherstone. Initial path 'Moments Like These' takes you on a ten transcript voyage into a faultless Abode slot of duly epic division. Scott has received brace across all three Race EP's from Lee Walker (DFTD) / Robert Owens / Severino Panzetta / Eddie Amador / Inscrutable J / Rob boscamp (DJ Crowd) / Benji Candelerio / DJ Pope / Rifling Assassin / Corduroy Mavericks / DJ Roog / Booker T / DJ Nova to fame a few. 'What is Legislative body' goes mysterious into the occult TR808 and TB303 to come on out what the recondite of Race Music is and where it came from.

Scott Featherstone - Moments Like These (Original Mix)
Scott Featherstone - What Is House (Original Mix)
Scott Featherstone - Rock This, Play This, Feel This (Original Mix)