Scott Edward – Men And Machines [Art Edits]

Here he blends the funky but ununified electronics of Juan Atkins, Derek May and Carl Craig with the straighter, more driving sounds coming from mainland Europe of the 90's. Artist:
Scott Edward is the artist standing against by of Scott E. Employing his cardinal and halfway style as a alias the Scott Edward let were forever focused on his Detroit techno influences. Hodgson, Electronic Composer and co-designer of Beau Monde records. Beforehand seen commercial turn loose as – Men and Machines 12" EP (Out Of Revolution – OOO5) 1994

AER keep a record of versions are a 2016 Art Shorten Remaster Diss:
Participation of the Art Compress Studio Director Tapes series.

Scott Edward - The Info Agenda (Original Mix)
Scott Edward - Perhaps We Should Believe (Original Mix)
Scott Edward - Access Activist (Original Mix)
Scott Edward - Robot:Robot (Original Mix)
Scott Edward - Machines in Orbit (Original Mix)