Scott Edward – Dreaming Of Delta City [Art Edits]

Here he blends the funky but fitful electronics of Juan Atkins, Derek May and Carl Craig with the straighter, more driving sounds coming from mainland Europe of the 90's. Once upon a time seen commercial publish as – Dreaming Of Delta Burg 12" EP (Out Of Circuit – OOO2) 1993
With some alley changes due to out of the window controller tapes and unreleased selections no being issued. Employing his earliest and middle rank as a alias the Scott Edward diss were again focused on his Detroit techno influences. Publish:
Participation of the Art Condense Studio Chief Tapes series. Hodgson, Electronic Composer and co-sink of Beau Monde records. AER scent versions are a 2016 Art Crop Remaster Artist:
Scott Edward is the artist respect inured to by of Scott E.

Scott Edward - Delta Form (Original Mix)
Scott Edward - Mod-N (Original Mix)
Scott Edward - Alpha Form (Original Mix)
Scott Edward - Integrated Injection (Original Mix)
Scott Edward - Gamma Form (Original Mix)
Scott Edward - XOR (Original Mix)
Scott Edward - Breaking the Code (Original Mix)