Scott Alexander – Genesis [Young Technic]

Scott Alexander – DJ and producer from Aberdeen in Scotland. From a young age Scott was experimenting with his parents old turntables and tape players entertaining friends with mixes of various music styles. After years of house party and club Dj'ng playing Tech House, Techno, Progressive, Scott has now embarked on a path producing his own electronic music. Scott wants not to be constrained by style or genre and enjoys allowing a musical creation flow and take it's own path.
Now Scott has incorporated using live additions in DJ sets using interesting sounds, loops and builds providing a more live and original performance. Scott is looking forward to developing his music, remaining versatile and taking influence from all genres of music in order to create unique and interesting music.

Scott Alexander - Enhancer (Original Mix)
Scott Alexander - Gamma Log (Original Mix)
Scott Alexander - Genesis (Original Mix)
Scott Alexander - Inkum (Original Mix)
Scott Alexander - Klastic (Original Mix)
Scott Alexander - Like Porhno (Original Mix)
Scott Alexander - Vixen (Original Mix)
Scott Alexander - Whale Talk (Original Mix)