Scobi, Lthrboots, Saab, Haunted Echo – Shapetracer: Mixed The F#*%% Up [Halo Askew Entertainment]

'The sound is urban, the growl of people and traffic, of machinery and life. Suddenly you turn a corner and the noise is dimmed. You look through a window to see a ballet lesson, or a choir rehearsing, the growl of the city still audible. Turning another corner, you are back in the noise and the heat and the energy.' – Scobi

A collection of remixes hosted by Sony Creative via their Acidplanet community. Jen Semrau's Wow Jones Mix was the grand prize winner, showcasing solid production and orchestration chops. Saab's Retro Mix was the runner up because it reminded me of Haujobb in how it was completely rethought and sung in German and Russian. The Lthrboots and Scobi mixes caught my ear so I felt I'd be doing a disservice by not including them.

Haunted Echo - ShapeTracer (Radio Edit)
Haunted Echo - ShapeTracer (Wow Jones Mix)
Haunted Echo - ShapeTracer (Saab Retro Mix)
Haunted Echo - ShapeTracer (Halo Down and Out Mix)
Haunted Echo - ShapeTracer (Lthrboots Big Club Mix)
Haunted Echo - ShapeTracer (Scobi New York Mix)
Haunted Echo - ShapeTracer (Lthrboots Hard Mix)