Scissorhands – Act Ii (the Color Black) [Knowledge Records]

Act II is the second of a three part series of conceptual music releases by Scissorhands. Breaking free from the chains of traditional bass music, this album is dark and deep. After the raven escapes from her cage, she finds the castle where Scissorhands lives and is introduced to Raw-Hyde and Katnip. Once united, they quickly realize there are outside forces pulling them into an twisted adventure that might save their kind from total extinction.

Scissorhands - The Opening (Original Mix)
Scissorhands - Monstrocity (Original Mix)
Scissorhands - He's Back (Original Mix)
Scissorhands - Where the Black Lotus Grows (Original Mix)
Scissorhands - Avant Garde feat. The Big Children's Choir (The Katnip Lullaby)