Scientific Funk, SubOne – Groover 071 [Family Grooves]

Fashion trusty you got these bombs in your armory. One’s own flesh Grooves steps into Autumn 2016 with a new cull, and this one is a knockout. Our object is to let something be known nobility music, without being a dogsbody to a unattached character. Orderly Funk, the alpha & omega of Dim Rhythms Sticker, retouched the indigenous in his recognizable genre to bungle the roofs off! SubOne, a untried Sarajevo based artist, is subsidize on FG with a cull that points out his knack for carving out HiQ grooves. If the aboriginal doesn't blast you away, we obtain another stirring artist on the remix deference!

SubOne - Groover 071 (Original Mix)
SubOne - Groover 071 (Scientific Funk Remix)