Satom, Slurm, Andromo, Jaen Paniagua – Savia Park Various Artists 2, Pt. 2 [Savia Park]

Mark co-abort Slurm presents a potent yet shadowy keep up with filled with brooding synth lines primed to procure to most recent nightfall trip the light fantastic toe-floors. Buenos Aires hereditary and Kraken events co-sink, Satom, embraces the darkness with a shadowy & winding techno track designed to submit the level until the crack of inauguration. 4 Tracks with unusual styles for all the tastes. El Salvador's own Andromo takes his Prime American groovy vibes to Vancouver showcasing a subtle insight of broad droning melodies fit for a reception in the rainforest collective, he integrates with Mexican skilled Delia Ros with who together came out with "Grab Me", a bother that purposefulness put everybody to dancing party. Savia Commons leads the way for Latin American revolutionary edifice and techno music with their next unshackle, the other participation from their VA featuring ingenuity from across the continent. Jean Paniagua from Mexico brings an detailed range of classy downtempo beats with opulent tenebriousness-beat vocals.

Jaen Paniagua - Touch Of Class (Original Mix)
Delia Ros, Andromo - Take Me (Original Mix)
Slurm - Empty Signal (Original Mix)
Satom - Energia (Original Mix)