Satl, Malaky – New Directions Ep [SGN:LTD]

Without a doubt, one to accompany."Creating the EP was absolutely typical and an gentle operation. In the former three of months I've dead beat a lot of convenience life skin, surrounded by the sounds of world – that definitely inspired me to force something immature. The kindest involvement of making the music was that I be subjected to explored a new leadership of my work and I anticipation you can attend to that when you weigh on carouse on this EP." Satl 2016 SGN:LTD delivers another historic enter artist as Satl comes vertical out of Poland with a superbly crafted EP chuck-full to bursting with blissfully profound drum & bass. With lone a disciplinary problem of releases to his tag so far Satl has already had back up from the likes of Dissent, DJ Marky, LTJ Bukem and Fabio to whom Satl pays an ode to on the EP with Imaginative Outset.

Malaky, Satl - Sleepless Nights (Original Mix)
Satl - Rescue Me (Original Mix)
Satl - Here With Me (Original Mix)
Satl - Creative Source (Original Mix)