Saraga – Deep Down Ep [Mind Sfere]

MS001, drive next in due magic-binding conduct. (P) & (C) 2016 Sense Sfere
Published by Shrewdness Sfere Introducing the characterize new, impactful hallmark Insight SFERE to the scenewith its primary EP save by up and coming artist SARAGA who is rooting from Tel Aviv, Israel. The pacific and quintessential solicit behind Intellect Sfere is; fe, ethical and Broad. All music written, arranged and produced by Adir Saraga. The labels earliest yield is physique of a marvellous three tracker entitled Chasmic Down, middle of which Saraga unmistakably proofs to donate to a veracious Profound Dwelling Music issue. Inscrutable Down is affluent in layers, with unruffled and caressing vocals drifting seamlessly within the gay harmonies; both melodic and transfixing.

Saraga - Deep Down (Original Mix)
Saraga - Bass Queen (Original Mix)
Saraga - New York (Original Mix)