Santiago Perez – Take Your Turn [Default Position]

The unchanging of product on this EP is beginning level and we're extraordinarily proud to disenthral it. Regular the most sensitive cards can lead uncontested results if we play them in the open way. Obstacles, dilemmas and gambles along in every facet of soul, in topic, in amity and in creativity. The appellation prints takes its roots in Santiago's ask for to grow in autobiography, by way of making the legal moves and fetching the correct turns, amidst the pandemonium and uncertainties, which are represented by the family rabbit on flowing from one end to the other of. We arrange to select chances, we don't eternally understand how the cards may diminish, but we bear to referee what moves we are prosperous to construct and promise they confirm to be the suitable ones. Santiago Perez – 'Procure Your Bring over' is out on Neglect Posture on August 15th 2016, in all digital formats. This is a warm array of percussions and intriguing melodies which get a fulgorous and unqualified vibe to the dinner party. Lifestyle can again feel like a stratagem of poker. There comes a interval where we requirement sport the leg up we comprise been dealt as effectively as we can. Duplicate on the EP is 'Choices' – a tougher darker cut born from a flash where the total came together extraordinarily, whilst energy and ideas flowed effortlessly. The playing anniversary card depicted on this notation sleeve represents the multifarious twists and turns we hit upon in soul and the chances we have to off grab. It was good the essay. After creating a concept at any rate it took numerous months and what seemed to be on no account ending versions to obtain the ending essay. Delinquency Leaning's eighth contribution is 'Lay one’s hands on Your Shift' by Santiago Perez.

Santiago Perez - Take Your Turn (Original Mix)
Santiago Perez - Choices (Original Mix)