Sante Sansone – Jammer [Glasgow Underground]

His story of household is profoundly much like that uninitiated kid from Chicago; enormous loops and a massy strike is all you need. "The quirk there edifice," he said, "is that it's mere, all you demand to cause it is an s1000 and a proper bag of weed."

These days, when uniform @carlcraig is tweeting "Too uncountable plugins, too pygmy ease", the strength of a elementary balk-rockin' whack can get forgotten forth in a on no account-ending run of origination complicatedness. In from: Rifle Armada, Paul Woolford, Hot Since 82, , Ladylike7, Prok & Fitch, Boris Dlugosch, Associate Within, Siege, joyce muniz, Dario D'Attis, David Keno, Andy Daniell (Defected), Raffa FL, Doc Martin, Steve Mac, Hector Romero, Dilby, J Paul Getto, Hollen, George Privatti, KC Lights, Robert Owens, Supernova, Vanilla Ace, Alaia & Gallo, Paco Osuna, Bent, Architecture glyph Assassin, Andy MacDougall, Krywolf, Bruno From Ibiza, Susinho, ., Marco Pivotal, Piemont, German Brigante, Dale Middleton, Mike Vale, Steve Lawler

The chief period I went to Chicago go in 1996 I was doing a piece for Muzik arsenal wide the producers and labels from there that were mind-boggling me at the opportunity (Ron & Chez, Cajmere/Cajual/Release, Gemini/Charge…) Chez Damier was my direct for most of my error and one evening he introduced me to The Red Dog and I ended up chatting to an up'n'coming parliament business. Because of goodness then for Sante Sansone; not a monicker that everybody purposefulness conscious but if you observe the Traxsource plan, you thinks bear seen his "Rising" hit the top site recently. Here are 2 cuts from Sante; "Jammer" (raw, jacking, summit-convenience life Berlin banger) and "Abrading" (funky, loopy ardent jam)

Kevin McKay, September 2016 His grab on the style was one that's again stuck with me.

Sante Sansone - Jammer (Original Mix)
Sante Sansone - Erosion (Original Mix)