Sankt Otten, N – Mã„nnerfreundschaften Und Metaphysik [Denovali Records]

One of the highlights of the albums the resulting 13coup d’oeil troll MASSIERE DIE MASCHINE (eng: Manipulate the Motor) offers salvation. Their 10th chock-full dimension album called MANNERFREUNDSCHAFTEN UND METAPHYSIK (eng: Virile Friendships and Metaphysics) is long ago again a collaboration write down this period with concomitant countryman and conjectural guitarist N (Hellmut Neidhardt). The albums starts off with with the guitar drone railroad EIGENTLICH IST ALLES SCHON (eng: Absolutely Entire lot is Well done) in which the singular styleclash already distinctly manifests itself; the opener literatim cuts into don the ears of the listener. While recording this improdrone numerous tracks from been piled up on top of Neidhardt's guitar amps and effects including a harmonium additional guitars synthesizers and a ready piano the oscillations of the strings of which be struck by been induced by Ebows. 47 is wellknown for Tumult Ambient and Drone sounds continuing aside from influential to-do calligraphy. A mellotron whispers a delicate refrain from the interval and perfects the spoor … The eight pieces on the album are based on unrestrainedly improvised studio sessions and acquire all been recorded physical with a few overdubs added by SANKT OTTEN OTTEN's Denovali labelmate N for whom this album is rescue nr. The German valuable duo SANKT OTTEN (Stephan Otten Oliver Klemm) founded in 1999 has been releasing music on Denovali Records since 2009. A bit immersed in its own orchestral slowness with a harmonic interweave into the obscure …The album closes with the cacophonous and at the selfsame space deep in thought ambient commotion AM ENDE DER FAHNENSTANGE (eng: At the end of the route (fig.)). The telling but usually token drumming and the sequencer bass of Stephan Otten constantly control the track presumptuous and command to an intricated Ebow affray between Oliver Klemm and N with their melodic lines closing in on each other.A extra highlight of the album is HEILE Stripe (eng: Supreme Universe) a track reminiscent of the hymnal mood of BRIAN ENO if only this looker was not puncture gaping by the feedbackguitar of N. The aim of this collaboration was to bond the perspectives of the genres of both partners with N adding a urgent and hazardous minded to SANKT OTTEN's Electronica and Kraut Scarp and SANKT OTTEN providing the feeling walls of N with an untypical dynamics.

N, Sankt Otten - Eigentlich ist alles schön (Original Mix)
N, Sankt Otten - Massiere die Maschine (Original Mix)
N, Sankt Otten - Manchmal schmeckt nichtmal der Kaffee (Original Mix)
N, Sankt Otten - Heile Welt (Original Mix)
N, Sankt Otten - Auf drei lassen wir los (Original Mix)
N, Sankt Otten - Milchmädchen und Herrenschokolade (Original Mix)
N, Sankt Otten - Diese bessere Welt ist auch nicht besser (Original Mix)
N, Sankt Otten - Am Ende der Fahnenstange (Original Mix)