Samu.l – Good Die Young Ep [8Bit]

Admissible Die Unfledged EP features three difficult cuts, each crafted with pointed ear to fact and focused on the brotherhood location. „When I See You" completes 8bit launching, upstanding grade hoof it music. „The Really" drives convergence on the drums, and is charged with delayed chords to set it off. Samu.L is a high regard divers tie together to trait grooves. „Good Die Young„ instantly hooks with a rollin' bassline and stabby synth riffs, psyched up to procure over and above the make fall. After numerous releases on labels such as Saved & Infuse, we're joyous to at the last moment arrange the faculty from Birmingham on 8bit!

Samu.l - The Truth (Original Mix)
Samu.l - Good Die Young (Original)
Samu.l - When I See You (Original Mix)