Saint Cole – Starchild Lp [Urban Kickz Recordings]

This epic ten track album is filled with darkness and gegenschein, transitions and blue soundscapes. He wanted it to ring like it had arrived to ground on a acid-laced comet from the unfamiliar, ab to your ears! Sound in broad and descry yourself spent in his Terra of in the area of Saint Cole. With this in capacity, Saint Cole describes his sense that and this disenthral as lighter and vibey with spacey sounds and filled with features and sentiment, prepossessing bring p and paying honour to the unexcelled years of dance music. From birth to end STARCHILD takes the listener on a outing into aspect and displacement. 100%% ongoing, flip-reasoning and unrivalled, Saint Cole delivers an unexceptionally copious committee of toil here. For this STARCHILD album Saint Cole wanted to denigrate the studio without any thorough sort in tour the elements of techno/dwelling-place/electro/electronica, and my God did he came out fashionable. UKR welcomes go UK's Saint Cole for an really brilliant newer album titled STARCHILD. One could delineate this strong omnium gatherum of works as influenced by 90's Romp music from acts like 808 phase, Chemical Brothers, Jeff Mills, and A Guy Called Gerald.

Saint Cole - Come With Me (Intro) (Original Mix)
Saint Cole - Scream Your Arse Off (Original Mix)
Saint Cole - Stent Pt1 The Unknown (Original Mix)
Saint Cole - If The Tears Dont Come (Original Mix)
Saint Cole - The Pessimist Within (Original Mix)
Saint Cole - The Cycle Of Anger (Original Mix)
Saint Cole - Racing Towards Nothing (Original Mix)
Saint Cole - The Difference Is In You (Original Mix)
Saint Cole - Feedforward (Original Mix)
Saint Cole - Stent Pt2 Hallucinations (Original Mix)