Sabretooth, Starlab (IN), Sabretooth – Pro Funghi [Digital Om]

The EP reflects Ben's eclectic work variety and incomparable driving look like. On the subhead keep a record of Pro Funghi, Ben delivers a tech-infused, acid-drenched daytime stomper. The upshot is a lofty-octane reformist-tinged savage that defies traditional sort boundaries and is satisfied to set any dancefloor alight…"… On the anger, he's remixed StarLab's Tokyo Teleport, morphing the unique sounds into imagination-melting grooves and adding some creeping melodies and gnarling synths of his own. "Ben Fraser returns answerable to his Sabretooth fa to the strong Digital Om for his original unaccompanied EP.

Starlab (IN) - Tokyo Teleport (Sabretooth Remix)
Sabretooth - Pro Funghi (Original Mix)