S II P, Alejandro Cuestas, Petit Batou, Finesse (PE) – Obstacles E.p. [Groundid Music]

Special 10th release from Ground!d Music. A five-tracker with two originals from Ground!d artist Finesse (PE) and three remixes from Alejandro Cuestas, Petit Batou and S II P.

Ground!d is a fresh and vibrant creative space which seeks to provide a platform for artists and DJ's to release their music without depending on major labels, but to also release quality music. Our philosophy was born out of passion for underground music. Ground!d focuses on a deep dub hypnotic techno house sound with an organic minimal influence. We are looking forward to innovate, create and establish future partnerships with both new talents and proven underground artists.

Resident Advisor:

Finesse (PE) - Obstacles (Original Mix)
Finesse (PE) - Obstacles (Petit Batou Remix)
Finesse (PE) - Obstacles (Alejandro Cuestas 'Introspectivo' Remix)
Finesse (PE) - Druzhu (Original Mix)
Finesse (PE) - Druzhu (S II P Remix)