Ryuzaki Tsukawa, Vincent Routing, Cassius Mc Fawner, Robert Kanford – Jazz Distillery Loc.6 [Armoracya]

A selected assemblage of Penetrating Out/Jazz tracks. Take to! Director Creation by Armoracya Recordings.Electronic music – an awesome symbiosis of cultural traditions from surroundin the mankind

Robert Kanford - Little Leopard (Original Mix)
Robert Kanford - Black Panther (Original Mix)
Nick Edwardson - Blue Diamond (Original Mix)
Nick Edwardson - Dolce Vita (Original Mix)
Josè Armando Castilla - Esmeralda (Original Mix)
Cassius Mc Fawner - Wild Cat (Original Mix)
Cassius Mc Fawner - Isabelle (Original Mix)
Vincent Routing - Comano (Original Mix)
Ryuzaki Tsukawa - San Francisco (Original Mix)