Ryky, Matt McLarrie – The Puppeteer’s House Ep [Chapeau Music]

Chapeau Music presents: Matt McLarrie – The Puppeteer's House EP

Matt did it again! 3 dancefloor killer from the one man from Glasgow. The Puppeteer's House is a fine tech house track with stompin' vocals and hypnotic groove with a melodic breakdown.
Badger Rave has a solid bassline with powerful drums and synths a fuckin' bomb!
The latest track made with RYKY complete the ep giving him a raw taste with his style!

Enjoy, this is Chapeau Music baby xx

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Matt McLarrie - The Puppeteer's House (Original Mix)
Matt McLarrie - Badger Rave (Original Mix)
Matt McLarrie, Ryky - Tempus Saltandi (Original Mix)