Ruptur3, Alderaan, Oisel, Mental Resonance – Free Inspiration Treaty [PoleGroup]

Since its inception a year ago, AINE has been a platform for the distribution of new projects and artists of great potential. To celebrate this milestone, we are presenting AINE07 under the title Free Inspiration Treaty. This anniversary release is a collection of tracks signed by a mix of artists who have already released on our label, along with some debutants.
Mental Resonance, YYYY, Hertz Collision, Oisel, Ruptur3 and Alderaan participate in this high-quality compilation with eclectic sounds that will deliver new electronic music propositions. Take this journey with us and enjoy!

Mental Resonance - Astrometric Precision (Original mix)
Hertz Collision - Blind Feelings (Original mix)
YYYY - We Fear Each Other (Original mix)
Hertz Collision - Keep Me In The Dark (Original mix)
Oisel - Fotosfera (Original mix)
Alderaan - Shelter (Original mix)
Ruptur3 - Contact (Original mix)
Oisel - Interferenze (Original mix)
Alderaan - Parallel Mind (Original mix)
YYYY - Sudden Burst Of Thought (Original mix)