Rufus Penta – Compensation [Kutmusic]

Compensation sees the advance of his special seem, following up Sneakertype, his leading unaccompanied attainment also on Kutmusic, released in 2014. One of Germany's finest electronic music producers is aid with his marred unaccompanied album! 10 new tracks from the wit of Rufus Penta, gone between smallest/electronic soundscapes with a cinematic discern (Coalition), lodge/forebears tracks (Bunnychart, Breathing) and ambient techno reminiscent of Orbital (Aquafoam). During a call in in New York he played at Choke-full Let off. West Berlin's own Rufus Penta grew up with the shire hip hop and graffiti display in the vanguard exciting onto electronica and drum'n'bass in the most recent 1990s; at the patch he was DJing in Berlin clubs such as WMF and Roter Salon. Since 2010 he produces electronic music with Max Hanibal in a connection plan named Ursel, which has so far released two albums: Nordkreuz (2012) and Min Slaves of Unseeable Masters (2014), both on Kutmusic.

Rufus Penta - Bunnychart (Original Mix)
Rufus Penta - Sensitive People (Original Mix)
Rufus Penta - Escapades (Original Mix)
Rufus Penta - Bonga Monk (Original Mix)
Rufus Penta - Aquafoam (Original Mix)
Rufus Penta - Compensation (Original Mix)
Rufus Penta - Again (Original Mix)
Rufus Penta - Ging Galerie (Original Mix)
Rufus Penta - Breathing (Original Mix)
Rufus Penta - Alliance (Original Mix)