Ruffault – Broken [Mindgate Music]

We upon you use to advantage this captivating work of art and we look impertinent to hearing more Ruffault in the expected!' 'Mindgate Music is contented to create you the eat one’s heart out awaited later album of the trade mark honcho Rufat Musaev aka Ruffault. This moment still Ruffault brings us the deeper & more chilled side of his face with 9 tracks showcasing his alluring and atmospheric output skills.

Ruffault - Broken (Original Mix)
Ruffault - Checkmate (Original Mix)
Ruffault - Empty Streets (Original Mix)
Ruffault - Funky Life (Original Mix)
Ruffault - Gloom (Original Mix)
Ruffault - Into The Deep (Original Mix)
Ruffault - Nightclubbing (Original Mix)
Ruffault - Perception (Original Mix)
Ruffault - Wild Smile (Original Mix)