Ruede Hagelstein – Escape [Upon You Records]

Ruede Hagelstein doesn't need to be introduced to all fans and followers of the Records family anymore as he's been with us since our catalogue number 003 which has been put on the circuit an astounding nine years ago. And being the stalwart producer and continous supporter he is we are proud to announce the launch of the next Ruede Hagelstein single Escape which is about to kick some serious ass out there on the dancefloor.
In his tune Fetzo Mr. Hagelstein combines modern day tribalisms with a fever'ish, tangy smack, a deep, subfrequent bass drone and playfully twisted synths accompanied by an epic and crystal clear melody sequence which fully unfolds in stunning, hands and hearts in the air breakdowns whilst being accompanied by decent chimes and large scale strings.
Furthermore we see Leonidas cater a more metallic twist in TechHouse soundwise whilst introducing layers of complex, percussive delays and a retrofuturistic main motif that keeps dancefloors well excited before tension mounts and intense, droney structures are nicely contrasted by choirs and strings hailing from contorted heavens. This is quite ride over the course of 10+ minutes.

Ruede Hagelstein - Fetzo (Original Mix)
Ruede Hagelstein - Leonidas (Original Mix)