Ruede Hagelstein, David Hasert, Conga Fever, Johannes Klingebiel – Latewood (remixes) [Feines Tier]

Our comrade and jack of all trades David Hasert provides an diagnosis of Latewood you can unequivocally pre-eminence Techno. As you may get guessed Conga Fevers Seksi Disco Remix brings you undeniably the entirety you ask for to be enduring a hipshaking caper beneath the mirror image ball and peradventure a bit more. Eventually but not least Watergate regional Ruede Hagelstein strips the street down to its substance parts and proves that the concept of "less is more" is not righteous a moot but a quite common-sensical anddanceableone. In any event we would shout it its utterly feeling in the perforation! After the tremendous celebrity of Johannes Klingebiels debut individual EP we had genuinely no fluctuate that an collateral combine including top rung remixes by correct friends of our brand would be necessary: Berlin based Rhytch delivers the smoothest mix of the crowd with the special glitch to seasoning it up and readjust your understanding of a leak-proof gouge.

Johannes Klingebiel - Latewood (Rhytch Remix)
Johannes Klingebiel - Latewood (Conga Fever's Seksi Disco Remix)
Johannes Klingebiel - Latewood (David Hasert Remix)
Johannes Klingebiel - Latewood (Ruede Hagelstein Ruemix)