Rudy’s Midnight Machine – By Nature Ep [Faze Action Records]

Don't ignore your sunglasses and tanning oil! Subsidize down to blue planet on the flick side is an allure to flow down the "Shimmering Coast", with its easygoing guitar scratch and keyboard flourishes all underpinned by a heavenly 80s sounding bass border. By World is a cogitation of chalky washed houses, palm trees, slaking nourishment coastal beaches and yacht parties. Inopportune reinforce comes from the likes of Nik Weston Mukatsuku Records, Unsteady Trisco, Faze Spirit, Pete Herbert, Mellophonia, Moonboots, Ali Renault, Roy Comanchero, Dejan "Funky Junkie" Gavrilovic, COYOTE Rudy (aka Robin Lee from Faze Initiative) makes a agreeable crop up again on FAR, fetching in the environment of sunnier climes. Irrevocably tangible chorus bass introduces us to "Essentials Uprising" which manages to melt tranquil French Disco with jazzy Fender Rhodes hooks. Dropping mooring at "Fortuity Lagoon", we are treated to some of Rudy's alone designed analog keyboard sounds, which mange to contest yet have in mind tropical vigour. The 2nd follow is introduced by hypnotic tones against analog synth arpeggios and haunting synth solos, invoking the "Sky Goddess". The call tracks orifice cascades and swirling synths become lower into an foolproof Balearic gouge, with singing melodies, unique marimbas, a chugging synth bass and formation echoing a mix of Compass Core, Consideration Jones et all on fete in Europe, whilst surroundings the brouhaha for the EP.

Rudy's Midnight Machine - By Nature (Original Mix)
Rudy's Midnight Machine - Sky Goddess (Original Mix)
Rudy's Midnight Machine - Shimmering Coast (Original Mix)
Rudy's Midnight Machine - Fortune Lagoon (Original Mix)
Rudy's Midnight Machine - Body Wave (Original Mix)
Rudy's Midnight Machine - By Nature (Afterglow Dub)