Rootless – Da Fock [Modern Ruin Records]

Modern Ruin's newest signing is a newcomer to the burgeoning footwork scene who goes by the name Rootless.

Right off the bat, title track 'Da Fock' takes off with chopped hip hop vocals and a warm chord around which an addictive rhythm is built.

'Say To My Face' pitches a female vocal like an instrument, peppering the track with a syncopated melodic progression, surrounded by frenetic hats and kicks.

'Stepper Lines' takes things deeper, kicking off with a wobbling rhythm that means business, before bringing back the head-nodding groove built around the meticulous percussion and melody you will come to know Rootless for.

Rootless - Da Fock (Original Mix)
Rootless - Say To My Face (Original Mix)
Rootless - Stepper Lines (Original Mix)