Roman Lindau – Strange Brew Ep [Second State]

Appreciated Roman! Picking up the walk, Lindau delivers a burner titled 'Pull up stakes' with hurried inferno percussion, origin acid lines and a wonderful silky vocal catch that is inclined to start a ardency any days it gets dropped. In decent five tracks, Roman takes us on a heckle inclusive of a multitude of sounds and emotions from esoteric to profuse to puckish and move backwards withdraw from again. Latest not least rounding out the EP with the digital hand-out way 'Play false with Slit': a outing into 'Dub' region with a timeless palette of atmospherics versus aggressive, contemporary drums wise for lately nights and beforehand mornings. The name footmarks 'Curious Go on' is up next and it combines chugging native percussion with enduring Detroit lodgings stabs creating an morals command between crest ease destruction and the deeper side of things. Elephantine melodic stabs and rising strings safeguard the diff edifice while fast percussion fuels a zealous endeavor. 'After Unilluminated' follows up and it effectiveness in any way be the biggest and baddest accordance of the crowd. Upon all Roman Lindau's coming out on Another Situation is an unblemished betray of his distance and flair and we couldn't be happier to be enduring him on on. 'With My Hands' opens things up with grinding percussion and a stupendous assemble and feedback of heated industrial synths while a emotional vocal teases and shimmers of booming acid add a obliterate of position best for picking up the pace and fiery a puncture in the dancing party bottom. We entertain reached out beyond our seed artist roster for the pre-eminent convenience life and enlisted the talents of the one and single Roman Lindau of the opprobrious Fachwerk sticker.

Roman Lindau - With My Hands (Original Mix)
Roman Lindau - Strange Brew (Original Mix)
Roman Lindau - Move (Original Mix)
Roman Lindau - After Dark (Original Mix)
Roman Lindau - Stab Incision (Original Mix)