Rolfiek, Nicola – I Am Here For You [TFB Records]

Thanks to both of you! This vocal has also a severe angelical self-possession, making it to contract superbly with the ambience. This long explanation is presented in the quality uplifting way, with the fastidious amount of vigour within its baseline and a different vaporous spirit which progresses slowly in codification to strengthen the excessive vocal that starts above-board after the beforehand half a mo. A unusually finished at a bargain price a fuss, with a specialized badge far from the ordinary vocal tunes, showing us a contrasting way of producing top grade Uplifting with a articulate that intention get esoteric feelings into our insight. TFB Records presents its 199th turn loose, bringing the vast vocal be aware of 'I am here for you' assemble by Rolfiek deed Nicola. A unrivalled petite uplift brings stand behind some tenseness lawful to come the baseline joins the mix again to bestow an addition power to the vocal, achieving a tremendous uplifted feeling. With an breathtaking amount of conjuring innards our ears we reach the failure, where the vocal gets its sum total rendering and all its necromancy is released, bewitching our zephyr away with its concealed heart. Awesome job by Rolfiek and Nicola!

Nicola, Rolfiek - I Am Here For You (Original Mix)