Rolfiek, 9eek, Flatlex – Sirius [TFB Records]

TFB Records presents its 205th release, an amazing tune by the great Flatlex named 'Sirius'; including the original mix and two more mixes by 9eek and Rolfiek.

Flatlex is back on TFB Records with this stunning track full of his characteristic sound. According to its name, Sirius releases a powerful sound with a lot of acid ingredients, the kind of sound you wish to have for space travelling. This original song represents itself an inner trip through our deepest thoughts, it trully goes deep into your mind and evoques you good memories and amazing new horizons. This is one of the greatest characteristis of this mighty genre, and Flatlex is one of the best producers on taking this unique essence to its highest level. A track to listen carefully in order to feel the purest magic of Trance with every step it takes. Thanks a lot Flatlex!

9eek is the producer behind the first remix of this track, and he presents an amazing uplifted song with a very deep soul, which is carried out by the dark baseline and supported by the extraordinary acid progression on top of it. After this magnific intro, the breakdown comes in with its subtle atmosphere, calming down the ambience and letting the melody to release its whole magic. The melody itself is perfectly embeded within the atmosphere, enhancing the mystic essence of this breakdown. Then, a short uplift gives way to the baseline to come back with its power, which, together with the fully chained melody, performs an incredible explotion of sound. We are totally amazed with this masterpiece of remix by 9eek!

The second remix included in this release is the one signed by Rolfiek, and probably the most mystic one. It is due to the higher presence of its dark atmosphere since the beginning, covering the intro with a special and exquisite essence. The breakdown comes after this subtle intro releasing for the first time the notes of the melody. These notes, together with the extremely thin atmosphere, give an inmense level of peace at this point. The rise of tension starts right after this oasis, but also in a very progressive way, making the transition an easy path to walk, and ending up releasing the whole power of the song, where all the ingredients are mixed and the true face of the remix is shown. Stunning job by Rolfiek, showing his most personal style of production!

Flatlex - Sirius (Original Mix)
Flatlex - Sirius (9eek Remix)
Flatlex - Sirius (Rolfiek Remix)