Roebin De Freitas – Borderline Times [Perfidious]

Perfidious observes society and sees through the lies that are everywhere. Meritocracy and consumerism run the show. We live in borderline times. Roebin de Freitas shows us this wound we have been ignoring and opens it with this aesthetic within techno that Roebin has been defining for himself. This ep consists of 3 tracks which can be labeled as dance floor material but with hints of industrial, ambient and IDM.

At first we find ourselves in unfamiliar territory. ‚Borderline Times' stutters along, creating enough energy to keep you moving while at the same time giving space for a more ambient mindset. Throughout the whole track a subtle balance between an intimate atmosphere and more metallic percussive elements enclose you. This warm mood gradually disappears when we reach our final destination . Tormented pads take over as we plunge into darkness.

‚Stuck midway' takes us by the throat right away. This is high energy techno layered with bass and percussion. Relentless, stomping kicks and an unsettling attitude slowly build and constantly shift. About halfway a distorted melody finally liberates itself from its chains and slowly takes control of the track. This track is reminiscent of early rave techno while capturing today's pulse.

‚Kopzorgen' is heady but still pushing. This track is a turmoil, starting of dark and subtle but gradually giving it a more industrial and energetic outlook. The various bleeps and eerie chirps go hand in hand with syncopated rhythms and create a hypnotic atmosphere. The track has a very playful and experimental side, which is what Roebin's music is all about.

Roebin De Freitas - Borderline Times (Original Mix)
Roebin De Freitas - Stuck Midway (Original Mix)
Roebin De Freitas - Kopzorgen (Original Mix)