Rodrigo Diaz, Konacri, TreeFix, Droplex – Fusion [Addicted Minimal]

Various Artists – Fusion is the latest release on Addicted Minimal.
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Droplex - 2012 (Original Mix)
Droplex - Evoooh (Original Mix)
Droplex - Flash (Original Mix)
Droplex - Pink Pills (Original Mix)
Droplex - Speed (Original Mix)
Droplex - Tremollo (Original Mix)
Droplex, Ke Nobi - Physicalism (Konacri Remix)
Droplex, Ke Nobi - Physicalism (Original Mix)
Droplex, Ke Nobi - Physicalism (Rodrigo Diaz Remix)
Droplex, Ke Nobi - Radioactive (Original Mix)
Droplex, Ke Nobi - What A Magic (Original Mix)
Droplex, Philip Dumber - Minimal Drone (Original Mix)
Droplex, Roland Weber - Whats The Problem (Original Mix)
Droplex, TreeFix - DarKore (Original Mix)