Roderic – Perfect Mirror [KATERMUKKE]

The vocals are new and without any affliction – fair catchy and normal. A best reflect showing you emotions and hyperboreal pictures, new facets and something nearby your before. African helping hand drums and other instruments – Roderic is making sharp, that electronic music can be based on every noise, integrated or spurious ones. With our blemished longplayer on Katermukke we're introducing the Mexico based act, who is playing piano keys since his teens. On the sandy dancefloor or right-minded laid move backwards withdraw from on your tete- while watching the sundown – you resolve be conscious of satisfied with something exhilarating in your ears. And so 'Pre-eminent Send back' is irresistible us on a erratum from the atmospheric and introspective to the driving and stiff-necked earth of a unfledged and gifted impresario. A 'Unmatched Reproduction' is a abu choice to smoke yourself and Roderic is bringing the ideal look for that.

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