Roddy Reynaert – Vertigo Ep [Armada Trice]

Brandishing a major four-pack of his specific brand of progressive, Roddy Reynaert blasts onto Armada Trice yet again. Shifting into higher gear with 'Vertigo', 'Born Free', 'Umbrella', and 'Ethereal', he indulges his audience with the rich atmospheres, delicate plucks, and astounding chord progressions he's known for. This'll keep the world satisfied till Mr. Reynaert hits 'em up with another batch of musical goodness.

Roddy Reynaert - Vertigo (Extended Mix)
Roddy Reynaert - Born Free (Extended Mix)
Roddy Reynaert - Umbrella (Extended Mix)
Roddy Reynaert - Ethereal (Extended Mix)