Rocket Empire – Sky Float Sun [OM Records]

The memories of each village are replaced with sounds that wish succour control those moments forever! Changes in situation and surroundings ever advance new music and sounds and this is something we unceasingly look brazen to. As a result of you for listening to our album, make use of the sounds and end your eyes when you hark to to it with headphones. Sky Get going Sun – what does it purpose? We had dazzling times convocation new people, troublesome new foods and being exposed to art and news. Each air has a distinguishable vibe and this is a development of not working in upright one studio. There are songs that also delineate where we call out territory, Portland. We wanted to cause music for our fans that showed a special side ourselves. The album is a solicitation of songs we worked on in multiple studios in Portland, Oregon beyond a four-year patch. We both did a lot of growing up in the metre from the final album, and this is what makes up the new album. After visiting places like Mexico, Belgium, Germany, Turkey and Hawaii, the experiences we had in each locale helped actuate what is on the album. It explains what flying is like, the sagacity of floating on the air with fair-minded you and the clouds and the sun surface the airplane window. We would greatly increase it, we lack to you visualize our art and be told every aspect.

Rocket Empire - Pinhole Camera (Original Mix)
Rocket Empire - Bonder feat. Amber Sparks (Original Mix)
Rocket Empire - Sky Float Sun (Original Mix)
Rocket Empire - Busy Bee (Original Mix)
Rocket Empire - Soothe (Original Mix)
Rocket Empire - Free Flo (Original Mix)
Rocket Empire - Honesty (Original Mix)
Rocket Empire - Placid Awakenings (Original Mix)
Rocket Empire - Sunny Hum Garden (Original Mix)
Rocket Empire - Beautimus (Original Mix)
Rocket Empire - Quatro feat. Amber Sparks (Original Mix)
Rocket Empire - Rhumba feat. Amber Sparks (Original Mix)
Rocket Empire - Sands of Time feat. Amber Sparks (Original Mix)
Rocket Empire - A Day of Decision (Original Mix)
Rocket Empire - That Random Moment on Radio (Original Mix)
Rocket Empire - Song I Sing, Song I Dream (Original Mix)