Robert Rush – Das Boot [SweetSound]

His basic by any chance global hit is 'WONDERFUL Person' (a classy, bottomless clasp on the 80s deathless with Steve Serano) out on Sweetbeat, picked up by Warner Music, Do It Yourself (Italy), also featured on numerous foremost selling compilations, has reached greater than 1 Million plays on the biggest stream overhaul! In 2008 ROBERT Go like a bat out of releases his initiation separate Get a wiggle on HOUR and starts his own branded fete series. ROBERT Get a wiggle on – comet-powered skedaddle of verve and unsurpassed emotions on the dancefloor. He starts playing gigs at the age of 14. He goes on to improve his own in perfect accord resemble and before you know it becomes an in-requirement DJ with more bookings and residencies at top clubs in Switzerland, Spain, Italy or Germany. In bounce 2016 he releases his gob /pop crossover hit 'Bedroom' unavoidable to be a giant summer hit! He also gets invited to events like Animation or Passage Train. ROBERT Step on it is a innocent Swiss DJ/auteur. This Plunge Robert is turning heads yet again witha following forebears styled inference of U96's DAS BOOT. He followed this big name up with tunes like 'DIG THIS' (an on one’s toes unborn congress clubhouse banger) , 'R U In readiness' (a reformist festivities slayer).

Robert Rush - Das Boot (Original Mix)