Rob Hardt, Gregers, Ryle – Busy Dreamin [SedSoul]

With a course-transcribe including singers and rappers in Denmark, USA, Spain, Sweden, UK and Switzerland, Jimmy has also been working with celebrated artists like famous inner-key Gregory Abbott as successfully as one of the biggest rappers in the domain, Ice Cube. The talkbox acquire been a favorite for me still since I heard it the in front stretch on a Zapp transcribe. His latest issue, the EP Standard Out', was nominated for unsurpassed EP 2015 & Choicest Unmarried 2015 at the respected Scandinavian Fervour Music Awards in Stockholm. Currently working for Reservoir Media in New Antony is a Danish regisseur with 25 years of adventure. Both are incredibly established musicians in Denmark. Gregers is a master songwriter as spectacularly combining robust hooks and funky melodic toplines. Gregers is an up and coming wonderful troubadour with a corresponding exactly agent that in some places desire jog the memory you of Swedish chorister Eric Gadd. I suspect I horror that the younger establishment won't pick up our leaning and devotedness for inner music, if we don't locate more guys & girls like Gregers. Jimmy Antony is the man you hanker after for that job. To me Gregers accord the type of music I liking a young manhood freshness that I be conscious of is lacking every once in a while in the fresh personification of today. He had his before cut on a log in 1995, which since has been followed by numberless productions for artists both in and skin of Denmark. 3rd sole from the debutalbum RYLE 'The Adventures Of Jefferson Keyes' features two danes; quintessence wonderboy 'Gregers' and talkbox guru 'Jimmy Antony'. Here they both body up with Forthright Ryle on the groovy dancer 'Occupied Dreamin'.Gregers comes from a training in Jazz and Funk whereabouts. In the last 20 years Jimmy has reached the repute of being the most sought after Talkbox performer in says; it is a big option for me to be talented to contemporary and trait two uncommonly skilful musicians from Denmark. He's an revolution Force and Nu Funk artist touring with a gigantic red-hot act as sufficiently, mixing staff and soulfunk with catchy and charming carrying out.

Ryle, Gregers - Busy Dreamin' (Original Mix)
Ryle, Gregers - Busy Dreamin' (Rob Hardt Rework Xtended)
Ryle, Gregers - Busy Dreamin' (Radio Edit)
Ryle, Gregers - Busy Dreamin' (Rob Hardt Rework)