Rob Circuit – Stairway [Dreibergen]

RC-FC-DRBGN016 – Stairway – A warm welcome to Fabrizio Cammilleri the Sicilian stallion, the Italian techno legend, the unique cubic meter. The first time the 2 Artists met, back in Naples they knew that it was just a matter of time till they would come together and work on an common project. Nearly 2 years later they finalized their ideas and dropped two hot uncompromising chicago house influenced tracks wich should take place in nearly everbody´s set and be played on every dancefloor on this planet. Facing two deep, warm and monotonous tracks, with carefully chosen sounds, blending into a symbiosis of love for music and technical understanding. These passionate deep house tracks will increase any heart frequencies. FC in the House !!!

Rob Circuit - Stairway (Rough & Dirty Edit)
Rob Circuit - Staircase (Banana Edit)