rLr, Pinch, Champion, Roots Manuva – Bleeds – Deluxe Version [Big Dada]

A man who makes hip-hop at its deepest, rawest and most thrillingly imagin. But then, every one of his albums has been, because he's one of Brobdingnagian Britain's uncommonly greatest. Bleeds, which featured fabrication from intergenerational studio geniuses Birch, Adrian Sherwood and Rodney Smith himself, is now being re-packaged in a splendiferous deluxe issue, with 10 discredit new and restrictive tracks and remixes, including 'On A Great' , dreamixes from Kode 9, Shoplift, Support and rLr (XL's Richard Russell) and studio off-cut gold. It is a feature to note, and an unchanging more intelligent feeling to buy and fasten on habitation. The album's art has been lovingly designed by Leif Podhajsky, the zeitgeist-adjusting visual artist behind covers for Grimes, Bonobo and Foals amongst others. The able-bodied Roots Manuva's sixth studio album was lauded as a remarkable bring to manifestation.

Roots Manuva - Hard Bastards (Original Mix)
Roots Manuva - Crying (Original Mix)
Roots Manuva - Facety 2:11 (Original Mix)
Roots Manuva - Don't Breathe Out (Original Mix)
Roots Manuva - Cargo (Original Mix)
Roots Manuva - Stepping Hard (Original Mix)
Roots Manuva - Me Up! (Original Mix)
Roots Manuva - One Thing (Original Mix)
Roots Manuva - I Know Your Face (Original Mix)
Roots Manuva - Fighting For? (Original Mix)
Roots Manuva - Knee-Jerk (Japanese Bonus Track)
Roots Manuva - Like A Drum (Japanese Bonus track)
Roots Manuva - On A High (Original Mix)
Roots Manuva - Iron Shirt (Original Mix)
Roots Manuva - Body Hot (Original Mix)
Roots Manuva - Watch (Original Mix)
Roots Manuva - Crying (Kode 9 Remix)
Roots Manuva - One Thing (Champion Remix)
Roots Manuva - Don't Breathe Out (Pinch Remix)
Roots Manuva - Fighting For? (rLr Remix)