Ritmo, Subranger, Above, Slow Sun – Brightest Nights [Abstrasension Records]

Violin duplicate and in the next on – cat's purring capture change of pointed synthesizers. Combining initial recordings and new fabric, key memories and impressions of the urban district, Deliberate Sun creates a atypical single-mindedness to Saint-Petersburg. Halcyon bits, lofty, vague vocal samples and infirm cheer of the loops expose both calm splendor of universe and a discernment of repose at the end of a extended day, appearing while inhaling twilight air of Saint-Petersburg and contemplating choppy river billow crests.

Slow Sun - Tomorrow Never (Original Mix)
Slow Sun - Morelove (Original Mix)
Slow Sun - Vespertine (Summer) (Original Mix)
Slow Sun - Keepsake (Original Mix)
Slow Sun - Love Not (Original Mix)
Slow Sun - Siamese (Original Mix)
Slow Sun - Tomorrow Never (Above Remix)
Slow Sun - Love Not (Subranger Remix)
Slow Sun - Love Not (Ritmo Remix)