Ripperton, V – V / Ripperton [Cin Cin]

I'm timid no one knows for trustworthy. Some say a nomad from outer Prussia. Enjoyable impedime…. Lets fair sink move backwards withdraw from on the old Cliche of letting the music do the talking, 2 consummate Newwave/post/proto/dancing party tracks assured to rekindle the flames of a departed ardour or luxury to the most defeated hearted of souls. Who is V? On the twist is a man known to varied as Ripperton who delivers two slices of his trademark mysterious and mystifying technohouse music that unfurl with a tranquillity and luxuriousness known at worst to those with a steadfast mastery of the trade. Some say a Belgian with an EBM tradition.

V - La Nouvelle Epoque (Original Mix)
V - Mon Vieil Amour (Original Mix)
Ripperton - Poor Kid Maad City (Original Mix)
Ripperton - Michelada (Original Mix)