Rimbaudian – Illuminations Ep [Meda Fury]

Meda Fury presents the debut release of Malmo s Armand Jakobsson AKA Rimbaudian. Taking his name from the modernist poet, Jakobson s music is a beguiling mixture of thumping house, tripped out rhythmic excursions and blissed out, lattice-like synth melodies.

Jacking basement sleaze is the order of the day with opener Let Me Beat U , coming on like a vintage Trelik cut, 'Werka 8 lightens up proceedings with a stomping beat and carefree spiralling synths that shimmer with light, Holy Flesh boasts a ghetto drum track and dizzying flute-synth refrain sure to work dancers into a frenzy, things cool down with the mysterious, glacial pads and tuff bass pulse of Hold Up Hold On , while digi only closer Inimical Dub straps on a punishing percussive thump and side-chained grainy pad.

From a family of musicians (his father is opera singer, mother a music teacher, sister is a cellist and opera singer), he grew up surrounded with music, but stubbornly rejected formal study, teaching himself composition and production whilst at university in Edinburgh.

"I was there for 4 years, and it probably had a bigger impact on me than Malmo – It s such a moody city, and having been a too sensitive young guy there for such a long time definitely left its traces. I can t say how, exactly, it affected me, but i like to think of my musical career in terms of chapters, and that was the first and probably most significant one, up until now."

Rimbaudian - Let Me Beat U (Original Mix)
Rimbaudian - Werka 8 (Original Mix)
Rimbaudian - Holy Flesh (Original Mix)
Rimbaudian - Hold Up, Hold On (Original Mix)
Rimbaudian - Inimical Dub (Original Mix)