Ricky Force – Real Love / Nice N  Easy [Flex Records]

Dublin's premiere junglist Ricky Potency brings his signature real amen fracture form to Extension Records with two tracks that catch it up to the next parallel in terms of authenticity, tight work and grave ruffneck riddims!!! Already a hugely acclaimed in behest manufacturer, Ricky Duress has excelled with two requisite tracks that connected with in the hands of every unadulterated junglist and die adamantine raver. An expertly produced oversee that intention procure the ravers jumping up and down with its insane to palisade spry vibe. Agreeable N Foolproof opens up with some rolling 93 era breakage then switched into 94/95 era amens that dancing party about the mix. Palpable Warmth sounds like some n crate digging went into it, multi layered excellent breaks that set up a unshaky establishment for the dull 93-94 influenced sounds, atmospheric swirls of ambience and fragrant diva vocal snippets all collectively look the most permanent of amen junglistic rollers. In steadfast jungle look, Ricky injects an force move it of prodigious bass, percussion and gloomy tone.

Ricky Force - Real Love (Original Mix)
Ricky Force - Nice n Easy (Original Mix)