Richard Bonnee – Reflecting Soundscapes [Freebeat Music Records]

Each performance is a sui generis shred and a magnificent outcome of edible and loving piece in and from Richard Bonnee Reflecting Soundscapes! Now Richard Bonnee has at the last moment released his crave awaited launch Album. This foremost settling on embraces some of his unexcelled works recently presented on Freebeat Music Records. He has create a place somewhere between Ambient Wintry electronic wide moods music and presents a new misstep Sometimes non-standard due to a peculiar society of wait darkness resemble. Tentative sounds callow grooves atmospheric soundscapes furtive and relaxing a wellbalanced affiliation of glossy and ardent sitting-room grooves and epic cinematic instrumentals. Songwriter and organizer Richard Bonnee is incredibly known for his incomparable din and is a duty of a new age group of fresh Chillout music episode and appears on over and beyond 100 compilations such as Choicest Quality of Chill & Lounge.

Richard Bonnee - Frost Point Zero (Deep Space Groove Mix)
Richard Bonnee - Cliffhanger (Deep Electronic Cut)
Richard Bonnee - Reflecting (Deep Space Mix)
Richard Bonnee - Chillin Minds (Original Mix)
Richard Bonnee - Abstract Matrix (Deep Sphere Sky Mix)
Richard Bonnee - Soundscapes (Lounge Atmosphere Mix)
Richard Bonnee - Slow Motion (Atmospheric Lounge Mix)
Richard Bonnee - Morning Sitar (Atmosphere Mix)
Richard Bonnee - Extraordinary Moments (Chill Moments Mix)
Richard Bonnee - Noname Dreams (Cascade Sphere Mix)
Richard Bonnee - Green Valley (Piemont Chillout Mix)
Richard Bonnee - Just for You (Harmonic Chillout Cut)
Richard Bonnee - My Tears of Elements (Artenovum Mystic Chillout Mix)
Richard Bonnee - Strong Colours (Gravity Chillout Mix)
Richard Bonnee - Piano Keys (Sunset People Mix)
Richard Bonnee - Voices of the Misty Dream (Chillout Mix)
Richard Bonnee - Energy Dreams (Flowing Space Cut)
Richard Bonnee - Arctic Circle (Long Polar Mix)
Richard Bonnee - Shining Bright (Wellness Mix)
Richard Bonnee - Frost Point Zero (Wellness Cut)