rHr., Danny Daze – Ginga Ep [Warung Recordings]

Warung Records presents "Ginga". Originally this African word is related to the movement of capoeira players, but in common street Portuguese the word has become a synonymous of Brazilianness. From football players to samba dancers, the "gingado" became a part of the country's routine and today it denotes agility and skill in day-by-day situations. The newest EP on Warung Recordings has received this name and presents RHR – a new talent of the Brazilian electronic scene – alongside master Danny Daze. "Ginga", the main track, is marked by a sensual combination of synths with Portuguese vocals that match he exact meaning of this word. The second track, "Ologram" brings a striking and hypnotic techno, just the perfect bomb to hit the MainStage of Warung Beach Club.

Danny Daze, rHr. - Ginga (Original mix)
Danny Daze, rHr. - Ologram (Original mix)